Vietnam Vets/ Veterans

Vietnam (vet) and all things related. All vets welcome. All PEOPLE welcome. Drummers, I’m one of you as well.
Where did the years go? Seems like yesterday that I was over there. I don’t want to remember too fondly of those days. More than anything I guess I miss my youth, not those endless days humping the hills of the central highlands.
Time spent over there changed my life forever. I’d like to think for the better except for the occasional temper flare ups I experience. I believe I’ve acquired an anger problem. No PTSD, or so I’ve been told, just periodic anger. Seems it could be a by-product of combat.
In an effort to visit the past in a constructive way, I’ve written a book, a novel with Vietnam as the driving force. It was an emotional experience and I would like to believe a cathartic one as well. I’d suggest writing as a tool for working out memories both good and bad.
I spent years as a working musician and I am positive that music was my Savior. At least it got me to my mature years without landing in jail. As a drummer, I believe I was able to beat the frustrations and some of the anger that had enveloped me to my benefit. Also made a living at it until I started working for the post office 28 years ago. Still play on a part-time basis though, so I find writing to be a good substitute.
Well, this is my first post and hope to do more. I’m sure that I’ll screw  a few things up as I navigate through this learning process. Oh well.

 If you or a friend, loved one or you are just an interested party in what goes on in the minds of us vets, write it here.


2 Responses to “Vietnam Vets/ Veterans”

  1. robert trousdale Says:

    I’m a viet nam combat vet. who got fired for pdst has this happen to any other veterns??? I have file a complant with the EEOC and haven’t got a response in six month.

    • Robert,
      I’ve had issues like yours but was fortunate enough not to lose my job. I blew up many a time, temper with a combat mentality led me to go off on many an occassion. I get verbal, not physical, so I finally went to the VA to see if I had PTSD. Well, I don’t, or so I was told.
      It seems impossible to not get angry when someone who’s not a combat vet disrespects you, so I count my blessings that I’ve been employed for as long as I have.
      Have you been diagnosed with PTSD by the VA? If you have, you should be getting some sort of compensation for it. If your PTSD is bad enough, you’ll receive a certain ammount of money a month sine you may not be able to hold down a job. it ain’t easy.
      Good luck brother.

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